Physical Education (PE)

How PE is taught at Hillbourne Primary School

There are many opportunities for children to be active and take part in sports both in school and outside of school, including after school clubs, sporting events alongside Dorset schools and clubs outside of school.

Due to our proximity to the sea, we ensure children take part in swimming lessons with the expectation of swimming unaided for 25m. This forms part of our safety curriculum by ensuring children are aware of the dangers of water and how they can keep themselves safe.

The PE curriculum aims to encourage children’s love for sports and movement, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills throughout their education. Each P.E unit is designed to focus on three areas: motor competence; rules, strategies and tactics; and healthy participation with the aim of developing these throughout the unit and curriculum.

This begins in EYFS by building the children’s gross and fine motor skills before developing knowledge and understanding of different fundamental movements and sports in KS1 and KS2. Children will build on their declarative and procedural knowledge by learning key movements and performing them accurately and efficiently before applying them in the context of sports.

The P.E curriculum is well balanced, giving all children experience of a wide range of sports throughout the year and across year groups, which can be located on the concept map. This allows children to discover sports they are passionate about and pursue these in the future with confidence and enjoyment.

We want children leaving Hillbourne Primary to be able to:-

  • Explain the importance of being active and the impact healthy movement has on our social, emotional, cognitive and physical development and well-being.
  • Understand the rules and tactics of many sports to be able to take part competitively.
  • Work effectively as part of a team.
  • Challenge themselves.
PE Concept Map
PE Progression