Welcome, Vision and Values

Welcome to Hillbourne Primary School

Hillbourne Primary School is a happy and inclusive school for children aged 4-11 years old located in Poole, Dorset. We strongly believe in working together as a team and welcome all children and their families to become part of our school community.

Our staff value and care for each and every child, and delight in seeing them grow into independent and confident young adults, as they progress through school and onto their next stage of education.

If you are looking for a school for your child to join, please email  office@hillbourne.poole.sch.uk to arrange a visit and explore our website to find out more.

Headteachers Welcome

On behalf of the children, staff and governors I am delighted to welcome you to Hillbourne Primary School.

I am very proud to be the headteacher and work alongside all stakeholders to ensure that every child has every opportunity.

The ethos of the school is based on our motto ‘every child, every opportunity’. We believe in providing all pupils will a broad and balanced curriculum that builds from the first moment they step through the door.

We want every individual who attends our school to strive and be the best that they can be.

It is our aim and belief that all children will thrive with our vison and core values, ; Be Ready, Be Responsible, Be Safe.’  All three core values are understood by all, demonstrated by all and driven by all.

We ensure that personal development is at the heart of what we teach – we want our children to grow and flourish into active, responsible citizens.

Our aim is to help the children succeed by reaching their potential in every aspect of school life; academic, social, personal, physical and emotional.

Children, families, staff and governors work in close partnership to create enriching learning opportunities in all areas of the curriculum. Our aim is to encourage children to develop the skills they need for later life, with a very strong focus on pupils embedding learning from the breadth of the curriculum into their long-term memory.

Our extra-curricular activities compliment the core curriculum and provide opportunities for pupils in wider enrichment activities, such as experiences, clubs and visits, which ensures each and every pupil leaves us at the end of Year 6 ready to relish all future opportunities and challenges.

We are all very proud to be part of the Hillbourne community and always welcome visitors to our school, so you can see for yourselves our learning in action and our amazing children.

Laura Bennett

Visions & Aims

We aim to make Hillbourne Primary School a school at the heart of the community where every individual feels valued and has the opportunity to flourish.

We aim to:

  • Provide an exciting and challenging environment where children enjoy learning and achieve to the best of their abilities.
  • Create a safe, secure, can do ethos where children can develop self confidence and high self esteem
  • Be open minded, fair and tolerant so that children develop a strong sense of right and wrong and an ability to make the right choices
  • Provide a place where all ideas are valued and everyone makes a contribution and works together for the greater good.

This will allow every child to build a solid foundation to be a responsible citizen with an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

We will do this by;

  • Welcoming our children into school each day
  • Showing our children that we care by listening and taking note
  • Ensuring our learning spaces are organised, welcoming and engaging
  • Delivering well planned and appropriately challenging lessons
  • Being positive role models throughout each day
  • Planning experiences beyond the curriculum
  • Using positive verbal and physical language to all members of the community
  • Believing that everybody can achieve highly
  • Supporting each other to make Hillbourne a great place to spend the day